There’s an interesting phenomenon characterized by a certain breed of web developers who care passionately about their work for the first 95% of a project. It ends poorly for an otherwise genius level of html manipulation. The customer is satisfied with the progress and the flow of the website is superb. The css load time is tight and the java stays in the mug like it’s supposed to. All the hard work putting together the pieces has earned the web developer a respectable pay check.

But then something explainable happens. This highly valuable website gets thrown on a bargain server and forgotten.

Does a furniture builder craft a curio display cabinet complete with dovetail and mortise and tenon joints, choice hardwood, and intricate details then leave the $3000 piece outside in the weather until it sells? What a waste. Keep that furniture protected to maintain its value.

Does a state commission a sculptor to chisel a 30 foot marble statue then place the art on unprepared soil? Unthinkable! A foundation would be prepared. A substantial resting place for the valuable statue will keep it enjoyable for many visitors for years.

Yet too often a world class website is built for a high end customer and the developer thinks his job is done. One more little detail could set him apart from other web masters. Place your customer’s website in capable hands. Make sure the site maintenance is not forgotten. Assure the customer that going forward their website is being hosted on a tenaciously guarded server with geeks that are paranoid about security and up-time. Handing them over to the bargain hosting sites devalues your work. Why not respect them enough to ensure a smooth transition to their website’s new home on our servers.

You don’t see $40 tires on a Ferrari F60. Will they fit? Maybe. But you just don’t. It would be inappropriate.

If you build a quality website it should properly be hosted on a quality server with the understanding that it will be guarded, protected, and maintained with the level of commitment to security it deserves. We know the dangerous world of the web. We understand the risks. We might not be able to stop all the problems a site might encounter but we will prevent most of them from happening at all. And the rest, we will work on right away, meanwhile the bargain hosting companies wouldn’t even know their was a problem.

The best web developers understand that a quality hosting provider is an excellent value. And although we are always busy providing value to our customers we will gladly take your phone call or email.